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We can choose from a wide range of cleaning products in order to maintain the hygiene and aesthetic appeal of our homes and office spaces. Unfortunately, many of these generic products usually contain harsh chemicals and toxic substances that are harmful to us and the environment and your home furnishings.


Mr. Green Carpet Care chooses to utilize the greenest cleaning methods and solutions,

because we believe our actions affect our health and our planet welfare.

By reducing our carbon footprint on the environment we will experience a higher quality of life through clean air and water and better results when it comes to delivering our services to you.

We provide superior and highly affordable residential and commercial green wall to wall carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning services throughout NY, NJ and CT.


Regular cleaning agents contain toxic and harmful substances. Phosphates, petroleum-based additives and volatile organic compounds arouse allergies, worsen respiratory conditions, deteriorate indoor air quality and harm marine life, and over time cause damage to our carpets and upholstered furniture fibers and fabrics.


These days, we are fortunate to have green organic cleaning solutions for most of our cleaning needs. A professional green carpet and upholstery cleaning company should offer only non-toxic, bio-degradable, green sealed, PH-balanced cleaning agents packaged in recycled materials.

Our choice of organic-based cleaning solutions combined with our deep steam cleaning technique will effectively remove dust, dirt, stains and musty odors, bacteria, fungal, and mold spores leaving you with a clean, hygienic, fresh looking and smelling home or office without the risk of toxic side effects.

Go green today by choosing Mr. Green Carpet Care: a highly-trained, professional organic carpet and upholstery cleaning company for your wall to wall carpets, Oriental and other fine area rugs and upholstered furniture.

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