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Stains and Odors.

It is very hard to rid carpeting of odor and stain on your own. Whether your carpet is marred by wine, food, blood, pet urine, mildew or other stains, Mr. Green Carpet Care is your answer.

We have the experience and training to handle even your carpet’s most stubborn stain and odors.

Mr. Green is Your Carpet Steam Cleaner.

Your health, the health of our employees and the well-being of our planet is important for us. We, at Mr. Green Carpet Care, use only Eco & Health Friendly cleaning solutions.

The result is impeccably clean, fresh carpets without the harmful toxic residue that other carpet cleaners leave behind. Non-green cleaning products might clean your carpets but leave behind harmful residue for your family to breathe.

You can be sure that Mr. Green will only use products that are safe for you, your children and pets.

Wear and Tear.

Particles that nestle deeply into a carpet’s structure and backing will, over time, weaken the carpet’s fibers or structure.

Vacuuming your carpet weekly does help, but it is not enough to keep a carpet’s entire structure intact and keep your carpet clean and maintained.

Vacuuming coupled with annual steam cleaning is important for keeping your carpet looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Only deep carpet cleaning performed by a trained carpet cleaner like Mr. Green Carpet Care can get rid of even the most deeply embedded dirt particles.

This will help prolong the life and beauty of your carpet.

Although your carpet can help with indoor air filtration, proper maintenance is necessary.

The deep steam clean or hot water carpet cleaning helps reduce indoor pollutant levels. By that, it increases indoor air quality and the look of your home or office.

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