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stain removal

Despite our best efforts, accidents will happen. Our beautiful wall to wall carpets, fine area rugs and upholstered furniture will suffer from the occasional spills and stains. When it comes to pet stains, urine can cause an unpleasant stain and a pungent odor.

Some stains can be resolved by simply blotting the spill with a damp cloth or with the help of traditional home remedies. But when it comes to stubborn or severe stains – especially as time elapses – professional help is needed!


Mr. Green Carpet Care provides professional wall to wall carpet, rug and upholstery stain and odor removal services throughout NY, NJ and CT.

Our experienced carpet and upholstery cleaners are trained to handle all types of stains. We will inspect the carpet or furniture and determine the best method to remove the specific stain given the severity of the stain, surface in question and the cause of the stain.

Using only safe green carpet cleaning agents, a deep steam cleaning technique, and stain and odor removal products safe for your family, your pet, our employees and the environment, we will remove or at least substantially minimize all types of stains. Our toxic -free cleaning products are safe for even the most delicate of fibers and our deodorizer is very mild leaving your carpets and furniture clean and fresh smelling.

When it comes to delicate oriental or antique rugs, if a stain is not removable, we are able to offer rug repair and restoration services, including color restoration.

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