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Leather Cleaning

leather cleaning

Leather couches & chairs are beautiful and add a sophisticated, look to your home or office. It is essential to maintain and clean leather furniture in order to maintain their refined beauty. Leather, just like our skin, is a hide - and in time can dry, crack & tear. Body oils, perspiration and dirt can cause damage to its protective finish.

Green Leather Cleaning

Our professional leather cleaning services include thorough leather cleaning done by hand and the application of a protective conditioner cream in order to remove any soiling & provide moisture and protection from occasional spills & stains.

Our experienced technicians are trained leather cleaners. We employ only the safest products & techniques considering the delicate nature of leather.

For a professional leather cleaning service in NY, NJ & CT contact us at 1-877-444-6364 and get a quote over the phone.

Leather Cleaning Service - NY - NJ - CT.